Reiki Energy Healing 

In need of relaxation and renewal to restore balance within? Try a Reiki treatment...

This ancient energy healing modality meets your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, where you'll feel peaceful, bliss and completely zen.

Both in person and distance (anywhere in the world) healing sessions are offered.

Say YES to make healing your priority

75 minute energy healing, $111 USD

3 x 75 minute energy healing, $299 USD
5 x 75 minute energy healing, $470 USD

1:1 Holistic LifeStyle Coaching 

Wanting to make life changes, and you simply don't know where to start? That's what coaching is for...

Identify goals and pathways to align with your life purpose. Create change through an action based approach, and manifest your lifestyle dreams.

You deserve to live your best life.

Book your first session today!

60 minutes, $150 USD

4 x 60 minute sessions, $543 USD
6 x 60 minute sessions, $789 USD

Yoga with Reiki Healing

Classes are built upon Sivananda Hatha Flow, often coupled with elements of pilates.   

Nurture your body through movement practice, tending to your inner sanctuary.

These classes are heart centred with Reiki healing to integrate body awareness.

75 minute / Wednesday Flow

75 minute / Women Who Yoga

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Whether you are seeking answers on a specific question/topic, or want insights on what the universe has in store for you, check out this fun insightful service!

60 minutes, $65 USD

Book your intuitive reading with channeled messages

Holistic Wellness Treatment 

This uniquely curated session combines all three modalities of coaching, reiki, and yoga just for you!

90 minutes, $250 USD
4 x 90 minute treatments, $900 USD
6 x 90 minute treatments, $1290 USD 

Take the first step to transform your life!

Past Life Regression Therapy 

Therapy includes hypnosis methods to access information from past life/lives to resolve residual issues that could be affecting your present day reality.  Minimum of three sessions is recommended.

3 x 60 minute sessions, $333 USD
6 x 60 minute treatments, $600 USD

Resolve issues in a therapeutic context

Workshops, Training and Retreats 

Breathe-work and Meditation 

Remain healthy and balanced within, knowing these ancient practices are tools to support you on the path of life.

These are yogic scientifically proven effective methods for heightened clarity, organ detoxification, regulation of the central nervous system, sharpened awareness and perception.  

Reiki Trainings 

Study the sacred ancient healing modality of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

Classes balance the art of theory with practical application, leaving you equipped, first and foremost, to self heal yourself and loved ones.

Private and group classes available (anywhere in the world)


Spiritual Healing Retreat coming soon in August 2021.

If you wish to render services for a retreat, we would be happy to hear more from you!

New Level Life

  • 12 week group coaching program to transform your life, by investing energy into manifesting your goals and dreams
  • Coaching workshops to network and thrive 

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