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About MAKS

The Origins

Founded by Manesha A K Sian the intention behind MAKS LifeStyle is to heal the world through healing people, with integrative health. 

With a background in Science (Oncology), Team Leadership, Business Development and Research, Manesha spent the last 10 years within global corporate settings, living and working around the world. 

Through her own soul journey of self love and healing, Manesha retired from the Biotech/Pharma industry in order to make a change through Holistic Wellness instead. Our intention is to also help bridge the gap between Science and Spirituality, so both industries can come together harmoniously to make a difference.


From experience, we have learnt the MAKS LifeStyle services offered are here to help you thrive.

Join our community in leading the rise of global consciousness, mass lifestyle awakening, and


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With gratitude and love,
MAKS LifeStyle

  Interesting Facts: 

Manesha is Sanskrit for ‘Master of the Mind’

Also known as M, she has lived and worked in 4 countries spanning Europe, Middle East and North America 
MAKS also means Manifesting Abundance Knowledge (of) Self
M is British with Sikh (Indian) ancestry

Pipeline Projects

Charity for children/young adults raised in dysfunctional traumatic environments
Global wellness retreats and educational workshops
Ensuring Reiki and Yoga are taught within the global curriculum for education
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